The Stars along the Way

is an exhibition and a vast art gallery that extends for more than 140 km along the seven stages of the French Way of Saint James between O Cebreiro and Santiago de Compostela.  

Estrella Galicia, in collaboration with artist Mon Devane, has embarked on this project, aimed at drawing attention to the innate humanity of the Way of Saint James and spotlighting an entire community – the people who live for and from the Way. And although we have encountered countless experiences along our own particular way, more than anything else, we have had the tremendous fortune to have been accompanied by seven marvellous people with whom we have shared endless conversations and who have taught us so much, not just about the actual Way, but also about life itself. 

Xermán, Mario, Xosé Luís, Isidro, Antón, Maruja and Laurie, thank you so much for existing.  

Stage 27
Xermán Arias

“I’ve always been fond of making things with my hands that can then be heard.”

Stars Along the Way - Xermán Arias.
Stage 28
Mario Mato

“If our intention is to pass on a culture of life, a major legacy, then we must ensure that the land continues to bear fruit for many years to come.”

Stars Along the Way - Mario Mato.
Stage 29
Xosé Luís Carreira

Swimming against the tide can be an invigorating experience, but it also takes a lot more stamina.

Stars Along the Way - Xosé Luís Carreira.
Stage 30
Isidro Pardo

“I’d like to make a human hive; if people stuck together like bees do, the world would be a better place”

Stars Along the Way - Isidro Pardo.
Stage 31
Antón Pombo

“The Way has its own unique strength; unlike other routes, it has remained true to its traditions and roots.”

Stars Along the Way - Antón Pombo.
Stage 32
O Pino
Maruja Varela

“As with everything in life, when it comes  to baking the perfect melindre pastry, it’s all down to a question of personal taste and timing.”

Stars Along the Way - Maruja Varela.
Stage 33
Santiago de Compostela
Laurie Dennett

“Tu camino no termina en Santiago, Santiago es donde empieza, y la vida a la que vuelves es realmente tu camino.”

Stars Along the Way - Laurie Dennett.