Estrella Galicia wishes to pay tribute to the many generations of a society that have offered assistance and hospitality to the constant flow of pilgrims who have travelled through their towns and villages, past their homes, day after day and year after year…  

A tradition that has withstood the test of time and is still thriving today. A unique way of life that in all likelihood is the reason why the Way of Saint James enjoys such widespread recognition.

2021 saw the opening of the first gallery, which covered the length of the final seven stages of the French Way, a distance of 140 km. Each stage features one of the seven large format works created by artist Mon Devane.

In 2022 we opened the second exhibition gallery on the Portuguese Way. A new artistic route covering the 10 stages between Oporto and Santiago de Compostela, a distance of 230 km. In order to move deeper into this subject whilst remaining true to our determination to collect, document and transmit those visions of resistance, we have now decided to delve into another essential aspect that characterises the Way of Saint James: dialogue.

Dialogue as a fundamental element in human relations. Dialogue as a means of forging ties between people on either side of the border, as well as the dialogue between people from different cultures and countries who share their journey to Santiago, and which represents an essential part of the myriad experiences the Way offers.  

It is for all these reasons that we believe dialogue should be present in the creation of the exhibition. In this sense, we have worked with two artists: Lula Goce (Galicia) and Daniel Eime (Portugal), whose interventions are alternated along the entire route, creating a “conversation” through their works.  

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Portuguese Way

Ana Matos
Moisés y Vítor Baraça
Ponte de Lima
Amândio de Sousa
Joaquim Sá
Andrea González
Caldas de Reis
Enrique Ocampo
O Porriño
Felipe Graña
Tino Lores
Milagros González
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Francés Way

Stage 27
Xermán Arias
Stage 29
Xosé Luís Carreira
Stage 28
Mario Mato
Stage 31
Antón Pombo
Stage 30
Isidro Pardo
Stage 33
Santiago de Compostela
Laurie Dennett
Stage 32
O Pino
Maruja Varela
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English Way

Heather Small
Teté Mareque Galego
José Carlos Pita López
Rocío Díaz Paz
Manuel Viqueira

La exposición permite además conocer más a fondo a estas personas y su entorno a través de vídeos documentales disponibles en los hitos situados a pie de cada obra.