Antón Pombo

Antón Pombo (A Coruña 1964) Deeply interested in history from childhood, he entered the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Santiago.  

In 1984 he walked the Way for the first time with some friends and on this great adventure he met Elías Valiña, the parish priest of O Cebreiro and a sponsor of the rebirth of the Jacobean pilgrimage. They began to collaborate and founded the Province of A Coruña’s Association of Friends of St. James’s Way, and attended the Jaca Conference in 1987.  

After this, he wrote his doctoral thesis on the church of Compostela at the end of the 19th century, which included the first Jacobean resurgence. In addition to working in a number of Spanish historical and newspaper archives, his project allowed him to travel to Rome in 1992 to continue his researches for a year. 

He has had a long career as a writer and journalist, and is the author of Anaya’s pilgrim guides. In the meantime, he has never stopped wandering the paths of the Way, researching, learning and promoting the recovery of historical routes, like the one from Santiago to Finisterra and Muxía and the traditional meaning of the pilgrimage in contrast to its drift into mere tourism. 


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