Xermán Arias

Xermán Arias (Vilei 1965) After receiving the typical education of the time in a one-room school in Barbadelo, in 1974 he went on to high school in Sarria where he became passionate about soccer and even more about music.

By chance, the luthier Paulino Pérez was also from Vilei and, with the sponsorship of Antonio Fernández and the cooperation of Faustino Santalices, he founded the Lugo Provincial Council Musical Instrument Workshop in 1951, a key factor in the recovery of the hurdy-gurdy in Galicia. In 1986, Xermán started his apprenticeship as a luthier in that same workshop, where he came under the direction of Jesús and Luciano Pérez, Paulino’s son and grandson.

He opened his own workshop in 1993 and also travelled to France for long periods to continue learning from his master and great friend, Christian Rault, until he finally decided to settle down in Sarria, where he now works.


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