Isidro Pardo Varela (Viños 1936) Born with a restless spirit, even as a child he loved the countryside. At just fourteen years old, he went to work in a small hydroelectric plant and in 1963 he was hired by the Portodemouros Hydrolectric Plant, where he continued to be promoted until he became assistant manager, the job from which he retired in 2001. 

At the same time, his interest in bees grew until his life was focused on bee-keeping. He decided to buy a farm and spend his free time creating “O Enredo do Abelleiro” (the beekeeper’s trap), which later became “O Museo Vivente do Mel” (the living museum of honey), opening in 1994. 

He passed on his admiration and affection for bees, and for the world around him, to his family and from them to all the visitors who come to find out about not only the work of collecting honey but also the care and protection of bees. 


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