The artist

Portugal, 1986

Daniel Eime is a Portuguese artist whose stencil works consistently attempt to move away from regular techniques with static painting and spray textures. Black and white faces are the central bases he has used to date, always with a brush. The streets are the best spaces for his work, integrated in initiatives ranging from spatial decoration and promotional events to individual and collective exhibitions, street interventions, street art festivals and publications in books and magazines. 

Eime was born in 1986 and has a degree in Stage Design. Although he worked in this field for a number of years, since 2011 his career has centred almost exclusively on street art and painting. 

Daniel started painting in the street at the age of just 16, but his passion for art, and drawing in particular, dates back much earlier. Graffiti marked the start of his career, but two years later he began experimenting with new forms of street art such as stickers, posters and finally stencil. This latter technique sparked his curiosity. Indeed, since 2008, stencil art has been the focal point for his art and each new work is another opportunity to explore this technique in greater depth. He combines stencil with dripping and a touch of realism to represent works featuring intriguing characters with an often enigmatic gaze. Eime employs tones and shading to construct these numerous portraits, appealing to a more manual art that is not only dominated by spray paints. 

In recent years he has exhibited in works in various countries, including England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Future projects will take him to Germany, Russia and Spain. 

Daniel Eime lives and works in Portugal.


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